Are you really being sued by/for kids?

Lawsuits by Plaintiff Jon Carpenter Against Pharmacies

On or about 15 May 2008, Plaintiff Jon Carpenter filed lawsuits against at least 80 pharmacies in the greater Los Angeles area, from Northridge to Carson to Monterey Park-- a 600 square mile area.  The lawsuits appear to claim that he needs, among other things Braille and auxiliary aids for hearing related problems; is that true? A growing number of the complaints are posted below; in other cases, the dockets are posted.  Does Mr. Carpenter have standing to seek all the accommodations listed in his complaints?  Does he have standing to demand changes and financial damages from 80+ pharmacies over a 600+ square mile area?  See the cases below and decide for yourself!
Court Dockets of other Los Angeles area pharmacies sued by Plaintiff Jon Carpenter on or about 15 May 2008.